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***IMPORTANT- Read This BEFORE You Buy a Used SCIO / EPFX:

Our goal is to provide YOU with the best ‘user experience’ with your SCIO / EPFX. We have learned a thing or two after 12 years in the Quantum Biofeedback industry and over 10,000 device sales. Buying a pre-owned SCIO / EPFX can be a very smart choice, however please consider the following points before purchasing a pre-owned quantum biofeedback device. Read below to ensure your purchase goes smoothly and you avoid costly mistakes. We like HAPPY SCIO owners.



Questions to ask BEFORE You Buy

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Is the device a Certified Pre-Owned unit?
This is important, especially when you are purchasing over the internet, as you never know what you will receive. There are cases where individuals have bought a used quantum biofeedback device that was not certified and months later said they were not getting results. Only to find out that the device was not working! A certified device has been opened and physically tested with the headband and limb straps for connectivity to the computer along with frequency and voltage output. Be sure it has been tested by a qualified third party and can provide a certificate showing the device meets or exceeds the manufacturers specifications for the device. It’s the easiest way to avoid unfortunate surprises.

Does the device come with a warranty?
The good news is that the SCIO / EPFX box rarely has internal issues that need fixing. However, you are making a significant investment, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Only buy a quantum biofeedback device that has a warranty included in the purchase price.

Is it important for the SCIO / EPFX to be officially transferred into my name?
Absolutely YES! a) You will only have a valid warranty if the device is registered in your name. b) The only way you will get important notices and software updates is if you are the registered owner of the device. c) If you are installing your own software, you will need to activate the software. You must be registered to connect to the manufacturer’s server in Budapest.  It’s a bit of a process to complete the transfer of ownership, so if the seller is willing to handle it for you, even better.

What version is the software should I use?
The latest and most stable version of the Clasp32 software is May 2015 or later. .

Can I use my own laptop or should I purchase a Quantum computer?
It depends on the specifications of your computer. If you have a new high-end computer, you should be fine. However, be sure to check if your computer meets the software requirements PRIOR to your purchase. If it does not meet the required specs, here are examples of common challenges that can occur if you try to run the Clasp32 software on a computer that does not have the proper specs. 1) Limited screen resolution, so a section of the page will be cut off. Your computer needs to be 1920×1080 Full HD. 2) Main stream computers usually have slow processors which can slow down your SCIO / EPFX sessions. The Clasp32 software works better on a computer that it doesn’t have to wait for. Quantum Computers have high end dual or quad core processors for a high-speed response time. The other benefit of purchasing a Quantum Computer is that the software and drivers come pre-loaded and it’s already activated. Essentially, you just turn it on, plug in your SCIO / EPFX unit, and you’re ready to go. This is a big bonus for people who are not “techy”.

How much training is provided?
Some sellers offer training, but not all training is created equal!!! Your results on the SCIO / EPFX are largely dependent upon how you operate the system. Be sure you get trained from a certified trainer or someone with several years experience as a quantum biofeedback practitioner. Only buy from a source who can provide the best training and support. If not, it’s like buying a car without being given the key to turn it on and drive it. You’re not going to get very far.

Is financing available?
Financing can offer low monthly payments. Ask about financing, though in most cases, companies will not finance a pre-owned technology. Don’t let funds stop you from helping you or others be well.


Here’s how we can help you.. everything you need!

  • Certified Pre-Owned Device (SCIO / EPFX Digital Interface Unit)
  • Brand New Headband, Limb Straps, and Computer Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Name Transfer Complete Upon Purchase
  • Most Updated and Stable Software Version
  • Ready-to-Go Computer Available (compatible specs, loaded with software, drivers, activation complete)
  • Training Available
  • Biofeedback Certification Available
  • Need Financing? We Can Help!

Health Evolution packages are CUSTOMIZED, so you only pay for what you need. Consider these 4 categories when creating a SCIO package:

     1) Hardware              2) Manfufacturer fees               3) Computer               4) Training

If this is your first SCIO, here is an example of what most practitioners purchase to get started:

SMART Pack Includes:




















  • SCIO / EPFX Digital Interface Unit – Certified Pre-Owned
  • Headband – Brand New
  • Limb Straps – Brand New
  • Computer Cable – Brand New

Software: Current Clasp32 software most stable version

PLUS: Bonus Items!

Technical Inspection & Certificate

Transfer of Ownership… ‘We Do It For You’

1 year warranty

FREE Basic Navigation Manual (electronic download)



***Every SCIO owner worldwide needs to pay the manufacturer for the name transfer (to become the new registered owner) and activation of both softwares. A private seller may not be aware of this or how to guide you through the process.  We handle all the paperwork and procedures for registration and activation for FREE. It’s done for you.

Transfer of Ownership

Clasp 32 software activation

BIG software activation

Home Use certificate

The manufacturer suggests a minimum of a Home Use certificate to purchase the SCIO device. It ensures you understand the legal scope of practice, essential home use operations, and wellness basics. It’s approximately 10 hrs. to complete.

3) COMPUTER (see tab on menu bar)

4) TRAINING (see tab on menu bar)

Call us with any questions 415.341.4042. 7 days a week!

24 comments on “SCIO / EPFX Device For Sale
  1. Bob Leken says:

    I would’t EVER make an investment in technology without a technical inspection and warranty. Good to see you are keeping industry standards high. Great product and service. Thank you.

  2. Tanya says:

    Hi Geneva,

    Sorry I forgot how to spell your name. Two weeks ago, I wrote it down. but I was out of town and went back yesterday. I forgot where I put that paper.

    I want to purchase one SCIO devise and some accessories:
    1. One smoking cessation
    2. One water Energizing coil
    3. One Deluxe Eye pad

    Would you please send me e-mail, please?

    I’m looking forward. Thanks!


  3. Janet Calaway says:

    Thanks for always answering your phone. I’ve been researching for months, and you were able to answer all my questions in one call. I really appreciate your expertise and honesty. Amazing customer service. I love my SCIO!!!

  4. Francis says:

    Great SCIO package. Exactly what I was hoping for. So glad I found you!

  5. Sarah Malone says:

    This was the best price for the value… for sure.

    Question, my friend didn’t buy a SCIO from you, it was a private seller a few weeks ago and she isn’t sure it’s working properly. What should she do? It didn’t come with a warranty. Can you please email me and I will put you in touch with her. Thank you.

  6. Lorie Waggoner says:

    I want to be a part of this revolution. I can feel the rightness (can’t think of a good enough word) in my Soul. This Is the thing I have been looking for all my life. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I am manifesting it in my mind. I will own one and help so many people. That is a knowing. Thanks for Listening.
    Future customer, Lorie

  7. Amanda says:

    I would like to purchase a machine. Please help

  8. Dema says:

    Great and smooth collaboration. Great support after the purchase. Many thanks!

  9. Mario Conde says:

    I just got my SCIO. I´m very happy I bought from you. Great Price and the service is top class.

  10. KyTu says:

    I came back in France with my SCIO purchased here, and I am happy with this purchase, the service is great, I always have a good support,
    Thank you so much ..
    I will surely come back to buy some more accessories …
    Ky Tu

  11. Kara Myers says:

    Great experience!!! Was not feeling comfortable just purchasing a SCIO from an individual. Therefore I was thrilled when I found Health Evolution thru the internet. Everyone has been very helpful in answering all my questions and concerns. Also, thoroughly going over the process involved in acquiring my SCIO and transfer of ownership. I am excited about the upcoming Webinars and ongoing training and education for newcomers such as myself as well as the more seasoned practitioners. Am looking forward to meeting others and discussing quantum healing in the future.

    Thank you Health Evolution, Geneva and Brenda and God Bless!!!

    Kara Myers

  12. I love my SCIO and my clients do too. I have had it for less than a week and I have scanned 5 people already…. I am happy with the investment.

  13. Loouise says:

    Thank you for getting my SCIO to me in time to take it home to Panama and for having a refurb unit at a price that made my purchase possible. I am knee deep in learning how it works and enjoying every minute of it.

  14. Joline says:

    I am interested in purchasing a machine. I am finishing up a registered holistic nutritionist course and this would complement it wonderfully :) Please e-mail with details

    Thanks so much…light & love

  15. Mduduzi says:

    I am really in love with the machine,may I please have a quote in South African rands.

  16. Judy L. Shelton says:

    Thanks so much for all of your assistance throughout the entire process. I am very excited to work with people who are supportive and knowledgeable too. Here’s to helping others learn the benefits of vibrant health and energy through biofeedback technology.
    Thanks again.

  17. Kim says:

    I have to admit I was a little nervous purchasing a used SCIO that I found on-line. Brenda made the experience awesome. She was quick with a response to my zillion questions and made me feel comfortable. They helped get me hooked up to training and before long I will be fluently using my SCIO. My device arrived with an evaluation form that showed what was done to my machine as well as tips and how to get ahold of them with questions.

    Overall I had a great experience and they delivered exactly what they said they would. Thanks guys!

  18. Robert Vinson says:

    I am a SCIO practitioner looking for a second SCIO box

  19. Naomi Vinson says:

    I would like to know if you also sell the other attachments. Mats, point probes, rollers?

  20. I recently purchased the SCIO and the experience was gratifying. The services were exceptional, the equipment arrive timely and ready to go. I am adding Quantum Biofeedback to my practice as Psychotherapist and believe that is a great addition to Neurofeedback, Clinical HYpnosis and Talk Therapy which I already treasure as tools in my tools chest.
    Great job Geneva, you made this buying a great experience.

  21. Karen says:

    Amazing personal service and support!!!
    I was nervous ordering an Indigo used but so glad I did! I LOVE my Indigo! I had so many questions prior to purchasing and Geneva and Aaron were more than helpful. They made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so much! My indigo came very quickly and I LOVE that you made the transition processes smooth and flawless. I highly recommend Health Evolution. :)

  22. Larren Duty says:

    I recently received my Scio package and an very excited to begin this journey. The company was excellent to deal with and answered all my questions. I have personally benefited from the biofeedback and decided to do this for myself. My specialist did a lot of research and recommend Health Evolution and she has been doing this for 8 years, so that recommendation really made me feel good and the company has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long relationship and wish them the best as they help people with their goals.

  23. I recently purchased a Quantum SCIO device, as well as a Quantum Computer, and I could not be happier!! The SCIO, laptop and support services have been beyond my expectations. Everyone has been extremely professional, helpful and supportive. I thank each and every one at Health Evolution. FYI: I highly, highly recommend purchasing a Quantum laptop for your biofeedback software. It will make your life so much easier.

    Thanks again! You’ve raised my vibration!!!

  24. Tuulikki Räisänen says:

    Quick and reliable service! I highly recommend Health Evolution!!

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