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The SCIO / EPFX is the comprehensive biofeedback system on the market today. Pre-designed stress reduction protocols may be used, or programs can be designed to meet the specific individuals needs.

Special Financing

Do you need low interest or low monthly payments on your SCIO / EPFX purchase? Give us a call, and we can put together a custom financing plan based on your special requirements today.

Support & Training

We have years of experience in the industry. We are able to give you the support and training you need from qualified professionals. Your investment is backed by the best in the quantum biofeedback field.

What is SCIO technology?

SCIO (Scientifc Consciousness Interface Operation) system is a highly sophisticated quantum biofeedback device that gathers the bioenergetic information of a client’s subconscious. Through biofeedback it provides data to the practitioner and client in easy to understand numbers, charts and text. Quantum Biofeedback utilizes electromagnetic frequencies in a stress management session to help align the body’s electrical impulses, reducing stress related to health imbalances. 

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When I started in the industry in 2001, there were only 50 quantum biofeedback devices in the United States. After working with the inventor of the SCIO / EPFX in Budapest, Hungary, I became Vice-President for the two largest SCIO / EPFX brokers worldwide where I assisted in the sales and marketing of over 10,000 quantum biofeedback devices. Then it became my turn to heal. I discovered I had lyme disease. My passion for helping people reclaim a healthy life became a mission.

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Why choose us?


Guaranteed Standards

GUARANTEED that your SCIO device will meet or exceed manufacturer (QX LTD.) specifications and standards.


We are in COMPLIANCE with all Budapest Home Office (manufacturer) guidelines.

Technical Inspection

We can include a TECHNICAL INSPECTION with certificate and REFURBISHMENT of parts as needed.


BONUS 1 year WARRANTY for top quality and peace of mind.


Quality individualized TRAINING from practitioners and trainers with a minimum of 5 yrs experience available.

Gain Certification

Biofeedback Specialist CERTIFICATION available

Transfer of Ownership

TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP with the manufacturer can be completed... for YOU!... no hassles.. so you are the official REGISTERED OWNER of your SCIO.

Buyback Program

Let us purchase your unwanted devices. Ensure your device gets put back into good use.  

Grow Your Practice

HOW TO GROW YOUR PRACTICE private consultation included in your purchase.


Connect with our NETWORK of thousands of practitioners.

Activated Software

We can ACTIVATE YOUR SOFTWARE... for YOU!... no need to fuss with the technical stuff.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a 14 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Financing is typically NOT an option for a pre-owned technology.

Fortunately, when you buy your SCIO / EPFX from Health Evolution, you CAN receive financing. And 90% of our customers qualify!
It’s quick and easy with no pre-payment penalties.

User reviews

We have great technicians and great people. Give us a shot. Here are a few that did:

I recently purchased a Quantum SCIO device, as well as a Quantum Computer, and I could not be happier!! The SCIO, laptop and support services have been beyond my expectations. Everyone has been extremely professional, helpful and supportive. I thank each and every one at Health Evolution. FYI: I highly, highly recommend purchasing a Quantum laptop for your biofeedback software. It will make your life so much easier. Thanks again! You’ve raised my vibration!!!
— Karen Di Gloria
Thanks so much for all of your assistance throughout the entire process. I am very excited to work with people who are supportive and knowledgeable too. Here’s to helping others learn the benefits of vibrant health and energy through biofeedback technology.
Thanks again.
— Judy L. Shelton
I just got my SCIO. I´m very happy I bought from you. Great Price and the service is top class.
— Mario Conde
I recently purchased the SCIO and the experience was gratifying. The services were exceptional, the equipment arrive timely and ready to go. I am adding Quantum Biofeedback to my practice as Psychotherapist and believe that is a great addition to Neurofeedback, Clinical HYpnosis and Talk Therapy which I already treasure as tools in my tools chest.

Great job Geneva, you made this buying a great experience.
— Dr Tamarah Rodriguez
100% Rating from Ebay clients

100% Rating from Ebay clients

A+ Better Business Bureau ranking

A+ Better Business Bureau ranking